Monday, February 25, 2013

Welcome Back Friends!

What a great first day back after the winter vacation! Our day got started with work board and our new word study pattern: contractions! Learning how to use contractions and apostrophes will help us be better writers! We also practiced our math facts to 15 with beans... and recognized another pattern... facts to 15 means 16 math facts! Way to go Deter! We talked about Willy Wonka Day on Wednesday, and we CAN'T WAIT!! In writing workshop we reviewed how adjectives are special words that describe nouns, and make our stories more interesting! We started our "WOW" words today too, substituting some "WOW" words to use, instead of the word "fun" in our writing! Well done writers! We also talked about our "goals" for last week and friends who met their goals (achievements, things they worked on while they had last week off) shared their accomplishments! Outstanding friends! So glad to be back in action and working hard in our second grade classroom... together! Just the way we like it!

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