Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Tic... Toc.. Tuesday Time!

Greetings friends! Forgot the camera so I'll have to add pictures later. Today we enjoyed a very special writing activity in writing workshop... Valentines for Veterans! Students talked about what a Veteran is, Veterans we knew, and how the Veterans at the Holyoke Soldier's Home might feel after reading our valentines! Writers were very creative and included many special messages of appreciation for our Veterans! Well done 2W! In math we practiced more with clocks and time to the half and quarter hour, including lots of language in how we talk about time (ways to actually "say" what time it is... before the hour, after the hour, quarter to, half past...) and showed what we know! Paying attention to the hour hand and the minute hand is where precision and attention to detail really matter! Georgia lead one great math meeting, and Trey lead an equally awesome morning meeting! Great job everyone! We realized we are almost done reading Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, which means we are dangerously close to WILLY WONKA DAY in 2W!!! WOOHOO!!
Stay tuned for details! We ended the day in PE with Ms. Gebo and obstacle course! Great day everyone!

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