Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Monkey Business!!

Howdy Conservationists! Today we were treated to a rain forest bonanza of creatures and critters! Students listened and learned about how conservation and recycling can help save the rain forest. By saving the rain forest we can help save many endangered species living there! We were able to see some of those rain forest creatures thanks to Mike! Toucans, monkeys, and snakes, just to name a few! Georgia was on hand to help feed the toucan a grape! There was no monkeying around when Ms. W tried to take pictures of Mike's creatures! Yikes! I don't think that monkey was ready for his close up! What a great presentation! In other news, B.G. lead his first morning meeting complete with the sandwiches song, clothespin game, and pinkey handshake greeting! Georgia also held another awesome math meeting! In writing workshop we talked more about how adjectives can help us write better stories with lots of details! Ms. McCarthy was on board today too, to help us learn how adjectives can really help spice up a sentence! We're ready to use lots of adjectives to add lots of detail to our stories from now on! We ended the day with Alea's V.I.P. presentation! I should have known your super hero power was... love! Wow! Great job Alea! Next up... David! Students are super excited about Willy Wonka day... We have a few pages left to read in this amazing story, and Wednesday after vacation it's Willy Wonka Day in 2W! Come to school dressed as your favorite character and be ready for lots of sweet, creamy, chocolaty learning activities that await us!

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