Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Meetings, Time, and A New Student!!

Greetings Friends! Terrific Tuesday today! Our busy morning was full of literacy center work, reading groups, and independently catching up on our work board jobs. Our focus (while working independently) has been on making good book choices (what makes a good book choice), and writing complete sentences when responding to questions in writing!! Georga had a very busy day as she was both the morning meeting helper as well as the math meeting helper! Well done Georia! Busy meeting day for you, and what a great group of friends you had to work with today! Everyone participated in a very respectful, thoughtful way! Now THAT'S the way we like it!! In math we divided into two groups to continue our skills practice with telling time to the minute using important vocabulary (quarter to, quarter past, half past). Some friends played Quizmo! A board game reading digital times and matching the analog clock faces... while others worked on computers to hone their skills! We sorted our words taking care to listen to the long and short sounds our word study pattern (oo) makes. We also used dictionaries again, and looked at how one word can have more than one meaning! And, the BIG NEWS today... we will be joined by a new student, B.G.! We've already met B.G. and know what an awesome kid he is and what a wonderful addition to 2W he will make! We can't wait until he becomes a "full timer" in our class and wrote some very thoughtful letters in writing workshop today to make him feel welcome! Well done friends! We're only 2 days away from the 100th day of school (YIPPEE, and ALREADY??). We have some fun festive ways to support our learning on Thursday to celebrate 100!

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