Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Dictionaries and Place Value with Money!!

Greetings "Tuesday Tacklers"! Jake started our day with the "Did you know?" greeting, This Little Light of Mine, and the double clothespin game! Great start Jake! Well done! Dictionaries dominated most of our word study fun today, and we looked up our spelling words, while practicing phonetic substitutions, and following (listening carefully) to our consonant blends to sort spelling words! Nice job, and great cooperative learning! We used our spelling words to practice writing some amazing 2nd grade sentences and had three friends share their work at the end of writing workshop. Lot's of "great work" from everyone today, well done writers! We studied Jan Brett books during reading, and talked about her very unique style when it comes to illustrating! Impressive!
In math we talked about adding tens, and took what we learned to play a new place value game using money! Partners dumped cups of dimes and pennies to add up numbers. After counting all the tens and ones, we stretched our learning to add 100, and take away 10! WOW! As if that wasn't enough, we finished it all off by sharing whether our number was odd or even! I must say, this new game even "blew Ms. Weinberger's socks off"! Outstanding job! We also took a moment to reflect on learning, and what learning truly looks like in second grade! Remember, you're NOT learning when you are always right, or when you're done. You ARE learning when you THINK, and make mistakes (and especially when your thinking helps you correct mistakes)! Now that's what I really call LEARNING!
We also started a new story in read aloud called Frindle by Andrew Clements. We're still split on whether we think main character Nick is a "trouble maker" or simply full of ideas... I guess we'll learn more, and form stronger opinions tomorrow. Can't wait!

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