Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Obstacle Course, Counting Coins and Yuni's Meeting!!

Greetings friends! Our day started with Ms. Gebo and Obstacle Course in P.E. and it was AWESOME!! Students challenged their bodies, coordination, footwork, and upper body strength while completing physical challenges (with embedded curriculum). Skip counting by 5's while on the trampoline... like I said, AWESOME! Thanks Ms. Gebo! We loved it!
Next, Yuni started our morning with a fabulous morning meeting (Rockin' Robin, koosh toss greeting, and clothespin game "doubles")! Well done Yuni! We sorted our spelling words using analogies, and vocabulary, and then used our spelling words to write sentences in writing workshop (the second grade way). Very impressive friends! Students focused on using capitals when writing proper nouns, and double checked for punctuation and spelling (of course). We shared another Thanksgiving story about how a boy imagines he's a pilgrim boy, rather than a present day boy. He (we) made comparisons throughout the story about what's the "same" and what's "different" about the first Thanksgiving, and how we celebrate this holiday today. We all agreed, there's a big difference in how the Pilgrims put food on the table, and how we get food today. It was a great story, and a very thoughtful discussion followed, as we get ready to have our very own Thanksgiving Feast in 2W. This is one of many 2nd grade traditions, and as always, ownership for many of the decisions will lie with our students. More on that to come!
In math we played Heads or Tails and practiced counting coins! Students reviewed the value of coins and partnered up for some money counting fun! Well done and great practice! Ms. Schumacher read from Fantastic Mr. Fox again today, and we loved it! That Roald Dahl sure tells it like it is.... strong language, full of emotion! Wow! Library tomorrow... remember to return books in order to borrow new ones please.

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