Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Tuesday Tacklers.... Well Done Joe!!

Greetings Tuesday Tacklers! Joe ran a great morning meeting with This Land Is Your Land, the koosh greeting, and the clothespin game! Great start to our day. We reviewed and practiced using our word study principle (all, alk) and sorted our words based on the amount of syllables in the word. We used dictionaries and looked up spelling words and payed close attention to guide words, meaning, vocabulary, and phonics (sounds in words)! We LOVE using our dictionaries, and teams of students worked together to make it fun and full of learning! We wrote in our Monthly Writing Sample Journals, as well. This is a kind of writing we do completely on our own, independently, sounding out words, and choosing a topic to write about. Using these journals, we are able to see how our writing grows and progresses. A very concrete example of how our writing is getting better and better! In math we practiced fact families up to 12! We used our fact family triangles to help organize our thinking, and even made some fact families of our own! Very impressive friends!! Owen ran a very efficient math meeting, complete with calender math, weather, and "days in school" in money. Great job Owen! Ms. Schumacher read from Fantastic Mr. Fox today, and we loved it!! Thanks Ms. Schumacher!! Great day friends!

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