Monday, November 14, 2011

Veteran's Day and Danny's VIP!!

The weather was forgiving (finally) and conditions were perfect for our short journey to the Sunderland Veteran's Memorial! We walked together as a school and relied on the safety support offered by our very own first responders, local Sunderland Police as well as Mass State Police.... IMPRESSIVE!! Once we arrived we walked past service members representing different branches of our military and got an "up close" look at their impressive uniforms and kind faces. Their disciplined posture, and attention to detail was palpable, and we quietly followed suit and found our positions among the benches quietly and reverently. We listened to words of appreciation, letters from former SES students (now serving), and of course, the beautiful voices of our SES students singing God Bless America, and This Land Is Your Land. Overall, the event was beautiful, meaningful, and very developmentally appropriate. Best yet! Once back, we did some "catching up" on work board while Ms. Worthley met with readers, and counted beans in math! 12, to be exact, while recording equations and paying close attention to fact families as well! We ended the day with Danny's VIP! Wow! Does Danny know a lot about coins and collecting! He shared a variety of cool coins from all over the globe! We also noticed Danny is quite a fisherman, or pretty lucky... catching the first fish and only fish on a trip with his Dad! Well done Danny! Great day to be in second grade in Sunderland today, no doubt about it!

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