Friday, November 18, 2011

Owen's Busy Day and Yuni Turns 8!!

Happy Friday Friends! And a busy one at that! Here we go... Owen started our day with a great morning meeting! Chicken Lips, the clothespin game, and a new greeting!!! "Did you know?"... loved it Owen! Yuni turned 8 today, and brought in cupcakes, and egg rolls to share for snack! Yummy!
We had our buddy test, and will always remember that when al is together (like in all, ball, talk, chalk) it makes the short o vowel sound, but it's al!!!! Well done! We practiced writing paragraphs in handwriting, and later in writing workshop. After learning how paragraphs have a theme, or topic, we wrote our own topic sentence together... and what better topic than our Thanksgiving Feast?? Friends brainstormed sentences with supporting details (well done Brady, Zenani, and Tia) and we closed our paragraph with "feeling words". We will write more paragraphs next week, and throughout the year!! As always, we loved seeing Annie and Moby share their ideas about writing on brainpop jr!
In quiet reading we practiced reading our spooky stories to help ready us for our Author's Tea on Wednesday, after all, practice makes perfect. Friends offered helpful, thoughtful advice, and we can't wait to see you on Wednesday!! In math we played another fun money game... race to 50!! Cents that is. We reviewed coin value, and watched as Zenani and Ms. W. modeled this cool coin counting game. It was finally game time, and friends were off, rolling money cubes, collecting coins, and making trades! Nice job friends! Our Umass practicum student Katelyn read from Cranberry's Thanksgiving at read aloud. After that, Brian, our awesome Frontier student athlete joined us just in time to show off his Mohawk hairdo (and YES, in the spirit of tradition, and all things football, Brian, indeed, had some SERIOUS "Mohawk hair"). Now that's commitment to team, and tradition, Brian!! Well done! It was also Brian's last visit this season, and we made sure he knew how much we would miss his presence. Many thanks to Scott Dredge for organizing this great connection highlighting community service and for bringing all these student athletes to our little school! Great program! And, when I say it was a busy day for Owen... that's NO JOKE! He was not only the morning meeting helper, the math meeting helper, but the V.I.P. as well! Talk about endurance and stamina, for one school day! We loved listening to Owen tell about his trip to Haiti, his dogs, his sister and family, and his heroes, his Mom and Dad! My favorite might have been that picture with his chicken! Yup, that was pretty cool! Well done Owen!
Next week... very busy! Students will bring in apples and vegetables for our feast (in celebration of all our learning about the first Thanksgiving). And... we can't wait to share our first Author's Tea and show you what the writing process looks like in second grade! See you there! Wednesday will be a half day (no lunch), noon pick-up. Have a great weekend with family, friends, and maybe even some Frontier Football on Friday night! Go Red Hawks!

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  1. By the way... we wanted to show you Brian's supremely awesome Mohawk hair... we really did. I mean, there was serious consideration to height (product, perhaps?), and he even cut it down on the sides. This was one seriously WINNING doo! Out of love for Brian (who preferred to keep documentation of his Mohawk-locks on the "down low") we refrained from pictures. But that didn't stop us from making sure he felt the "second grade love" for hair, football, and community service!! We'll miss you Brian!