Monday, November 21, 2011

Look Who's Cooking and Kitchen Math!!

What a special Monday! Student's were buzzing with excitement the minute they walked in! "When will we make the pie?"... "When are we cooking soup?"... "When can I help?" Talk about enthusiasm! We started the morning in Art, and quickly followed with Juan's morning meeting. Juan chose This Land Is Your Land, and we never sounded better! We played the clothespin game, which was very entertaining to watch, as Ms. W. had NO IDEA she was wearing the clothespin! After snack students began work board literacy based jobs, while friends were called over in groups to prepare our feast! Some gathered at the apple pie table, some gathered at the soup table, and some even worked a little at both! We peeled, cut, washed, filled, and crimped our way toward one very special meal which we will share together tomorrow. Can't wait! We started our afternoon with kitchen math and used what we learned about doubles to "double" our cranberry bread recipe! Using cups and spoons to keep a concrete perspective, we took our recipe and worked in small groups to double all the amounts. Very practical experience and another reason why math is SO IMPORTANT IN REAL LIFE!! Using what we learned in math, we were now ready to get to work on our bread! Ms. Schumacher read about the Mayflower journey (from the perspective of a boy and girl just like us) while small groups helped prepare the cranberry bread! Ms. Cialek was our official sous chef, and helped guide everyone with both the pie, and the bread, while Ms. Worthley lead the soup brigade of helpers! Danny lead his very first math meeting and did a great job! So many ways to make our money counting interesting and challenging! Well done Danny! Great job! We ended the day with a virtual trip to Plymouth Plantation courtesy of After visiting the Fort, Meeting House, a typical home, gardens, and seeing how tools are used, we really felt the difference between our lives today, and the lives of the Pilgrims. Even the way they spoke was different (and kinda cool)! Very interesting!
Tomorrow we will partake in our version of a Thanksgiving feast! We also have PE, sneakers please.
Reminder: our Author's Tea begins promptly at 10 am in the library. We will try and record the event as well. We will gather for light refreshments following the reading in 2W. Looking forward to seeing you, and celebrating these hard working authors!

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