Wednesday, March 20, 2013

What a wonderful Wednesday... starting with literacy, as usual! Reading groups, word work, and research writing have been the focus in 2W, along with work board. Today was catch up day! In math it was all about calendar math! Creating our March calendars was only the beginning! After making our March calendars, we used them to answer lots of mathematical questions reflecting a variety of areas of knowledge! Money (coin) counting, odd and even numbers, skip counting, and calendar math! What if you were given a quarter for ever day in March, how much money would you have? What if you got a dime for every day? Which would you rather have? Why? Lots to think about! Katie lead another excellent math meeting too! Talk about calendar math... Well done Katie! Justin's morning meeting was equally fun too! First, singing Sandwiches! Next, the ball toss greeting (challenging)! And everyone likes playing Sparkle! Great meeting Justin! Well done! In word study it was more work with r controlled vowels (or) and a lot more! Students used spelling words to create new words listening for rhyme, paying attention to context clues, and using dictionaries! In writing workshop we continued working with our All About books and learned about how to create a table of contents! Writing workshop was over before you knew it, and NO ONE was happy about that (just the way we like it)! Ms. McCarthy was also with us today and friends were able to work in a lot of small writing groups with teachers! David's writing goal today was to complete 2 pages in his "All About Snakes" book... And complete his goal... HE DID!! Well done David! So, naturally, it was only fitting for David to share in our authors circle! And... share he did! Well done David! I can not wait to read this snake book when you're done! Talk about illustrating skills!!!! Wow! Now that's how you close out a writing workshop! Well done everyone! Library tomorrow... PE (sneakers please, and Library (library books please)! Great Wednesday!

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