Monday, March 11, 2013

Problems with Addition and Subtraction!

Great Monday after one beautiful weekend! Students jumped right in with a new work board and literacy jobs this morning. Everyone took a moment to remember how important it is to make good choices for learning during independent work times, like work board. Being responsible for your work means choosing your work spot, quality work, and doing your best (without a teacher telling you what to do)! In math we had a quick review of double digit subtraction and borrowing/regrouping!After review with white boards, we talked about WHY we learn math (addition and subtraction) and how important knowing math is in every day life! Knowing math helps you solve problems in every day life... and problem solve is exactly what we did with this new skill we learned! After reading a problem, it's important to actually know what to do! What "operation" are you going to do? Will you add? Subtract? Are there clues in the problem that help you know what to do? You betcha!!!! When you see "How many more..." or "How many left..." you know you will be subtracting numbers to find the difference! If you ever see "How many in all" in a problem, that's a guarantee your operation is addition! Problem solving came next! Reading problems carefully, knowing whether you're adding or subtracting, and setting up the problem are 3 important steps to being a problem solver!!! Georgia held a great morning meeting complete with Oh Susannah, and fruit basket game! Reciting the Pledge of Allegiance while doing the hula dance never looked so good! Well done "Kiwis"!! Nice job Georgia, and excellent, enthusiastic, respectful participation by everyone in 2W! Outstanding!In word study we learned our new principle (word pattern) ar and talked about r controlled vowels! Listening for the sounds in words can help us know how to spell the words! This week, it's all about ar word patterns!We ended our day in writing workshop and working with non fiction writing. Friends thought about something they know "all about" and prepared to write "All About" books! What a variety of books we will have too! Well done writers! I can't wait to learn all about Irish step dancing, horse back riding, and yoyo tricks! Great day! PE tomorrow... sneakers please!

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