Friday, March 15, 2013

Today's V.I.P... Drumroll.... Madelene the Swimmer-Skier!!

Greetings Friends! This was one fantastic second grade, busy kinda' Friday!! You know it's gonna be a good day when every friend arrives ready, and settles in, getting right to work! Yes, that's exactly how today started! To begin the day, readers worked on their readers theaters and in reading groups! Readers worked on fluency, inference skills, and non-fiction reading and research writing! Alea shared some of her learning... BAT style on a poster full of interesting bat-facts! Well done Alea!! In math we used our skills in double digit addition and subtraction to problem solve. Reading a problem, knowing what's important, deciding what operation (addition or subtraction) to do, and solving is some serious work!! But, hey, we're serious about math in 2W, that's for sure! We LOVED the next couple of chapters of The BFG! This is one unusual, quirkey, deeply emotional giant... and we hung on every word of Sophie's adventure with this lovable giant!! Try lead a great afternoon meeting, fully stocked with songs (Apples and Bananas), the koosh toss greeting, and the sparkle game! Well done Trey! In writing workshop BG shared the beginning of his All About book... All About School in Korea! WOW, do we have a lot to learn from our friend BG, and how school in Korea is, in some ways, the same as our school, and other ways, VERY different from our school!! Well done BG!! We ended our Friday as we often do, with our Very Important Person of the week!! This week Madelene shared beautiful photos of family trips! She also shared her experience as a competitive swimmer as well as the equipment involved!! By the end of today, we all knew just a little bit more about Madelene, and what makes her so special! This one of a kind girl has a lot of enthusiasm! How lucky are we to spend 180 days in second grade with this awesome girl! Have a great weekend friends! Make sure to get outside and look for signs of spring!!

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