Thursday, March 7, 2013

2W Gets Moving in Writing Workshop!!

What a day!!! Busy for sure! In math we reviewed what we learned about double digit subtraction, and what happens when you need to regroup (or borrow). Knowing how to compute with pencil and paper is important, but knowing how to borrow 10... and what really happens to that 10 is even more important! Composing and decomposing numbers is certainly at play in learning this new skill and UNDERSTANDING the concept! Well done friends! The afternoon was equally exciting as students from UMass came for read aloud and writing workshop. After reading "Henry gets Moving" and learning all about healthy choices, we wrote our first All About Book! That's right... All About how to make Healthy Choices! We even got to talk with the author himself! And... he even signed a few copies of his book ( A GOOD ONE) and left them for us to keep on reading in class! Thanks to Nurse Jeannie for arranging such a rich experience in health education as well as in writing workshop with today's guests!! OUTSTANDING!!

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