Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Making Change and Mr. J Visits!!

Greetings Wednesday Warriors! What a beautiful day!! And a busy one too! We stretched our learning in math to include regrouping and borrowing when subtracting, only today, we subtracted money!! Making change is an important skill and yet another reason why we NEED MATH IN OUR LIVES!!! Yes indeedy doo! Ms. Nelms lead math today and reviewed subtraction and important words to pay attention to when subtracting, like "more than" and "how many left". She was joined by none other than Mr. J today!! YES! Mr. J was in Sunderland taking care of some other business and decided to come back to 2W and hang out a while... and we were psyched! After math Katie ran a very efficient morning meeting! We sang Oh Susanah, played the clothespin game and greeted each other like elephants and rock stars!! WOW! It was Cafe Sun day during lunch and some very brave second graders treated us to some wonderful performances!! Niko performed seamlessly with a piano solo of our National Anthem! Wow! I mean... WOW!! Abby recited a poem about her beloved dog Brody that she composed herself and recited from memory! David cracked us all up with some hilarious jokes!! Darth Vaders wife... Ellavader... funny stuff!! Katie played a beautiful tune on her special recorder called an ocerena. Outstanding Katie! What a treat Cafe Sun is! We are so lucky we have such talented brave students willing to jazz up an ordinary lunch period! Nice job friends! We read the next couple of chapters of The BFG by our favorite... Roald Dahl, and enjoyed every second of it!! In writing workshop we continued working in our All About Books and Ms. Nelms shared her All About 2W Book! What a great book, and a great way to model how authors work on All About writing! Immediately after Ms. Nelms, writers got right down to business on their own books! We have quite a variety of topics in 2W... everything from All About Hockey, to All About Roald Dahl, to All About Bayblades!! Can't wait to share these great books with you all! Stay tuned!!

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