Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Masks and Mardi-gras!!

Greetings Friends! Wednesday was busy with more research writing and sharing! Katie and BG shared what they learned about crocodiles on some very detailed, colorful posters! Well done! In math it was a very important day! We introduced double digit subtraction with regrouping/borrowing! Seeing where "tens go" and how they get there is very important! All our work composing and decomposing numbers and a deep understanding of place value and number sense have lead us to this day! After some practice, we worked on our own problems and will continue to practice this important skill all week! Deter lead morning meeting, and David lead his third math meeting! Well done boys! In writing workshop Ms. McCarthy helped us learn about linking words (but, because, so) and how they help make our writing better! We also added some WOW words to our word wall. She "went" to school... became She raced to school.... She waddled to school... She bounced to school... She flew to school... WOW words! Better! We ended the day in the gym with an all school sing. More like an all school Mardi-gras! Complete with sparkly colorful masks and dancing in parades! Thanks to PTO for bringing this wonderful mask project to our school! Tomorrow is Thursday! Sneakers for PE please, and library books if you want to borrow new ones! See you then!

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