Friday, March 8, 2013

Niko's V.I.P. and "All About" Writing!!

Fun Friday indeed Friends!! It started with our last day on this work board, reading groups and some very entertaining readers theaters, and more non fiction writing about animals and habitats! Wow! Next we did more practice with double digit subtraction with regrouping or borrowing! Today we learned how to set up a problem, taking care to put digits in their proper place (place value), and then solving! Bianca lead one fantatic morning meeting, and David held his last math meeting of the week. Well done meeting leaders! Leading meetings is a big responsibility, and you both clearly rose to the occasion!! In writing workshop we finished our "All About" writing that we started yesterday. Of course, after reading Henry Gets Moving, we wrote all about fitness and healthy choices! Next it was on to our own "All About" books! What a variety of topics! Everything from Irish step dancing, to legos, to hair styles, to dog walking, to sandwiches!! How about that! I can't wait to read "All About Sandwiches" and perhaps learn a little more about the beloved, humble, oh so delicious SANWICH!!! Remembering to use our linking words (so, because, but, and) really help make our writing better! Full of information and detail! Finally, our very special V.I.P. Niko was center stage! He shared some very personal items and pictures related to his pets, his affection and expertise as a Yo-Yo master, and his super hero powers! Well done Niko! Next up for V.I.P. is Madelene! Can't wait to see what she brings! Have a great weekend friends! Remember to "spring forward" one hour on your clocks this weekend!

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