Monday, March 8, 2010

Natalie's Morning Meeting, and a 3-Dimensional Treasure Hunt!!

Productive Monday... just the way we like it! Natalie started our day with a great morning meeting! Singing "One Bottle Of Pop" was a great choice... and playing "Just Like Me!!" was perfect. I forgot how much I love that game.
Students continued to do what they do well... work board! Center based work is looking quite nice these days, second graders... keep up the great work.
In math, we continue to focus on 2-D and 3-D shapes and solids while practicing our math facts and number skills. We reviewed vocabulary and attributes of shapes and solids, and then we were off on a treasure hunt! Teams of students busily searched the classroom for every day objects that shared the characteristics and attributes of the shapes and solids we've been learning about. Was pretty fun too, I might add. After reflecting on our "treasure" of discoveries in the classroom, students were able to critically compare objects and categorize different discoveries based on how many "faces, edges, vertices" and whether or not they were indeed 2-D or 3-D! What a fun way to start the week and continue our study of geometry. The day ended with a big ol' fire drill. Gotta do what ya' gotta do to be prepared. Students were reminded that this is serious practice for when we may ever need to exit in an emergency (though that's never happened)... and C.J. proved (as he soooo often does) that he's not only a great leader in the classroom, but a great line leader for fire drills... leading his class to our quiet waiting spot, and setting a great example of how to follow directions. Well done C.J. (no surprise!!). See everyone tomorrow for another exciting day of learning, thinking, and growing in 2W!

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