Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Heads or Tails... And One Awesome V.I.P.!!

What a fun Friday! Lived up to all it's glory! Students have been learning about all the steps we must remember when adding two and three digit numbers (with regrouping/carrying) and while practice DOES make PERFECT... we've been reviewing/practicing our skills in counting and writing money as well (up to and over $1.00). A simple game like "Heads or Tails" make counting money fun practice and truly reinforces our learning (and social curriculum)! Try it at home. Take some spare coins (but we're in second grade... so make sure you include at least 6 quarters or more, with all those dimes, nickels, and pennies... and challenge us... I dare you to throw in a couple of half dollars too) and put them in a cup. Simply choose who is heads, who is tails, and dump the coins. Separate according to how they land (heads or tails) and count your money!! Then write your money! Then circle who had more money... you can even keep score for fun!
We must also mention our fabulous math meeting helper of the week.... Ms. Maddison! Another supremely awesome second grade super star this week was Mr. Jakob, whose V.I.P. impressed our second grade audience. Beautiful pictures of special memories and meaningful events... and he shared it all with us! Well done Jakob!

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