Thursday, March 4, 2010

Magnets!! Our First Investigation!!

We've just begun our hands-on, interactive Magnet Unit this week and already have sooooo many questions! Second graders thinking like scientists! We learned how to write about what we see/observe the way a scientist would do, and record our work. After a brief introduction (and safety lesson... where magnets DON'T go!!) we began creating a magnetic force field. We interchanged a variety of magnets (disk, bar, U-shaped, horseshoe) and tried to suspend our paperclips without actually touching them with the magnet. We quickly learned that our magnets are "weak" and that contact was required for the magnetic field to influence our paperclips (though many second grade scientists found alternative ways to move the paperclip with the magnet without contact... well done Courtney!!). We will continue with more investigations, taking what we already think we KNOW and what we want to LEARN, and creating learning opportunities that peak our interest, and teach us how useful magnets can be in every day life!
On another note, super awesome morning meetings this week... lead by Otto, Amanda, and C.J.! Great song choices, greetings, and fun for everyone! And what can I say about our stellar (I mean... best ever REMARKABLE JOB) at quiet reading and work board today! We are one busy group of buzzing bees, getting our work done (WELL!!) and respecting our quiet reading opportunity by allowing ourselves a quiet, thoughtful work place. Now that's what I call making "good choices for your learning" second graders!
Our geometry unit has just begun with 3-D shapes and learning the vocabulary and attributes! Who knew "whisper-shouting" the names of shapes like rectangular prism, sphere, cone, cube, triangular prism... could be so much fun?? More in geometry next week... because that's the way we like it!!!!

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