Saturday, March 27, 2010

Friday! Amanda, 5th Grade Readers, and Alex's V.I.P!

Awesome Friday Friends! Amanda did a great job running math meetings all week! Calendar math, counting money, reading the hundreds board, and graphing the weather... great job Amanda! Likewise, all our morning meeting helpers helped give each day a cheerful positive beginning with great song choices, greetings, and games! Well done! Alex ended our week with a wonderful V.I.P. presentation, sharing many special memories, celebrations, family and friends, and even invited some extra guests: Mom and Grandma! Lovely Alex... we sure learned a lot about you, and look forward to seeing some of you sweet gymnastics moves when you're ready to show us! Double digit subtraction with borrowing continues with more practice next week. We will also complete a few more magnet investigations, and finish our unit with our "Magnet Fact Book".
We also enjoyed some Readers Theater performances by our 5th grade Buddies. They shared 2 wonderful stories, both with an important lesson... don't judge friends by how fancy their clothes might be! What's on the outside isn't as important as what's on the inside! Second graders made great connections (both text to text, and text to self/world)! You all were a great, respectful audience. Impressive second graders!
The big news, next week, will, no doubt, be WILLY WONKA DAY...TUESDAY!! Come to school dressed as your favorite Wonka character. Get ready for our class to be taken over by a chocolate river, and maybe even a golden ticket or two (or more)!! YEAH!!!!

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