Monday, March 15, 2010

Geometry Work Stations... and Ben's V.I.P!!

Fun Friday! Students took what they learned in geometry this week (vocabulary, attributes of solids... 2-D and 3-D shapes) and had fun in a variety of hands-on math stations. Students took turns at a symmetry station (mirrors and pattern blocks), matching attribute cards and solids (with the geo-blocks), Investigations symmetry programs on the computer (building shapes around lines of symmetry), as well as flash card practice and Fast Math (also on the computer... developing "automaticity" with math facts!!). Students got at least one turn at about two stations, and the results were so positive, that we will indeed have another day of practice in our math stations this Friday! Cooperative learning, lots of vocabulary and communication exchanges with peers and teachers, and hands-on fun in small groups. It was a wonderful learning opportunity for those who consider themselves "geometry experts" (yup, we've got a few of those!!), as well as those of us who just love hands-on practice with pattern blocks!
We also enjoyed a full history of the illustrious life and times of our own Mr. Ben Morse!! Pets, hockey, awards, Fenway and family stories. This kid knows how to have fun too... so fair warning!! Nice job sharing so many important memories, Ben! And, as always, during V.I.P., our second grade audience was "pin-drop" respectful and quiet during his special moment! Followed by many questions, "noticings", and lots of laughs! Well done Ben!

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