Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Crazy Hat Day, Guest Readers, and is that Mr. Merritt or the Cat In The Hat??

Wow! What a full and fabulous Monday it was in second grade. After a busy morning back after the weekend.... we were treated to a reading celebration! Who doesn't love that? Our very own Curriculum Coordinator/Assistant Superintendent Louise Law stopped her busy work day to join us in second grade to kick off our read-a-thon! She chose a wonderful story called Liza Lou and the Yella' Belly Swamp, and boy did we LOVE it! Her dramatic character voices (with southern accent!!) and dramatic rendition left us wanting more! Annika treated us to some AMAZING cookies in honor of Dr. Seuss's birthday (star cookies in honor of the Sneetches, Red and white hat cookies in honor of The Cat In The Hat, and even red and blue fish cookies in honot of One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish!! Did I already say amazing?? Ridiculous!! Tasty lemonade complimented the cookies... and we ended our day with the usual announcements for dismissal... but where was Mr. Merritt? All we saw was this unusual looking impostor with a red striped hat and umbrella in a cat suit?? Way to go for it Mr. Principal! We were completely impressed with your commitment to our reading festivities! Wonder if that wardrobe meets Frontier dress codes? Don't worry Mr. Merritt, we'll just keep it between us, and anyone who may check out our blog... Nicely done Mr. Merritt, and our deepest thanks to Ms. Law! We loved it all! Now that's no ordinary Monday... for sure!


  1. It was a pleasure to share one of my favorie books with such a terrific group of students. You were such good listeners and shared some thoughtful questions and comments at the end of the book. I enjoyed reading all of you yesterday.

    Thank you for taking time out of your busy day to immerse yourselves in a book. I hope that some day you will invite me back so that I can listen to some of you read to me!
    Louise Law

  2. You're welcome back anytime, Ms. Law! We enjoyed every minute of it!!