Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Solving Equations!!

Greetings Friends! Chan-Hee started our morning with his math meeting, then it was onto some serious equations! Solving BIG equations with big numbers requires strategies! And that's just what we learned... how to break down a big problem and tackle it one step at a time, while persevering through all the steps.... with precision... until we come to a solution! Using our 100 charts to anchor our thinking really helped too! Knowing how the base 10 system works, number patterns, and place value were also important skills in solving today's equations! Caroline lead one great morning meeting, with the song This Land is Your Land! This gave our writing community another opportunity to look at descriptive language and good writing... but in a SONG! Well done Caroline! Way to lead a great meeting, as well as a great learning opportunity! In reading workshop we got to choose our reading and added some non-fiction back into our reading choices! We also took some time to read more about American History and events surrounding the First Thanksgiving! This afternoon we practiced fluency, as we do every day. Learning all our math facts up to 20 (without fingers or number lines) is an end of year goal... so we practice... every day! We also talked more about "craft moves". Ways to make our writing better so readers feel like they're right there, in our story as it happens. We talked about 2 craft moves good writers use... adding metaphors and similes into our writing! Today writers tried some of these craft moves in their writing, and it was a lot of fun! As writers, we will continue to nurture our small moment stories with all our fancy craft moves, powerful words, and descriptive language! Just the way we like it!

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