Friday, November 8, 2013

Hunter's VIP and Character Maps!

Happy Friday Friends! What a busy, fulfilling week we've had in 2W! Today we started in math with Josh's last math meeting... well done Josh! Then, we showed our learning with odd and even numbers, and skip counting! Well done! In reading workshop we learned about character maps, and how they help us learn about characters in a story. Using one of our favorite realistic fiction books, Yo! Yes? by Chris Rahschka, we made our first character map! Next, we took a close look at the other character in this small moment story, and compared the two. We even role played each of the characters while reading the story in a reader's theater. Ben lead our morning meeting with This Land is Your Land, the clothespin game, and a "listening"-"retelling" message! Listening is an important skill, and practicing that skill helps us get better at it! Excellent job to all our "retellers"... Ben, Kelsey, and Ethan! In writing workshop we reviewed what good writers do! We practiced finishing some sentence starters using linking words... because they make our sentences and ideas better!! We also reviewed how our goals check list can help us make our stories better too! Learning to be independent writers and using our strategies is work we will continue to do, each day... Well done friends! Hunter was our VIP today, and we learned more about this awesome guy! He clearly cares about his dogs, his Red Sox, and his family! He also shared his "super powers" and important events in his life! Thanks Hunter! We knew you were one of the nicest, special guys on the planet... but, now it's OFFICIAL!! Have a great weekend, and remember to honor our Veteran's this weekend, with a "thank you", by attending a parade, or maybe by learning more about your country! See you all Tuesday!

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