Friday, November 15, 2013

Ladies Day in 2W!!

While today was full of important meetings, reading fiction and learning about character development, writing about our thinking... it was also a day dominated by the Ladies of 2W!! And we LOVED it! First Giorgia ushered in her birthday with a celebratory read aloud of her favorite new fable, The Honest Woodcutter! A perfect story to help us understand how characters respond in a story and how that helps us infer what they are like... their character! Well done Giorgia, and HAPPY BIRTHDAY SECOND GRADE LADY!!! We practiced skip counting by tens, and what happens you reach those important benchmark numbers... 100...200... and how to write numbers properly. But, back to the ladies... Stephanie lead her last fantastic math meeting of the week, and she was also today's V.I.P!!! Every Friday we "stop school" to sing with our second grade buddies in 2B, and to learn about some very important people in 2W... and today it was Stephanie! Great presentation Stephanie! Learning about how important your family is to you, and how you have awesome super powers in math (knowing and using strategies!!!) helped everyone really get to know you better! And that's why V.I.P. is so important! Have a great weekend everyone! See you all Monday... well rested and ready for learning!

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