Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Counting and Meetings!

Greetings Friends! Today a great day of math games, meetings, and learning about history... specifically... the story about the first Thanksgiving!! It all started with math and counting, adding, and tallying up to 100! Roll A Square is a great game to help us practice and learn adding, combinations of tens and hundreds, and cooperative learning! And then, if that wasn't enough... we had some "curve ball" questions added into each turn making us think about combinations of ten, or addition, or subtraction, or adding parts to the whole!!! Like I said, we love this game for a reason!!! Great practice thinking in terms of our "base 10" system of numbers, and working with number patterns... and ALL while having fun playing a game! Ethan was today's meeting helper and he lead one very efficient and awesome meeting! Well done Ethan! Later, we read and learned about the First Thanksgiving! After listening to the many events leading to how the Pilgrims survived that first brutal winter in New Plymouth, we wrote about our learning! We remembered all the parts of this important story... the Mayflower part, the religious freedom part, the long hard surviving the first winter part, the first Thanksgiving part, and the Abraham Lincoln part!!! Lots of of American history wrapped up into one extremely important and significant story! We ended the day in writing workshop trying more "craft moves" and writing like Jane Yolen! Jenaily and Giorgia have some incredible small moment stories all planned out and ready to write! What will your small moment story be tomorrow?? Writing workshop... a writer's favorite time of day, and mine too! See you tomorrow writers! Can't wait for another day of fun and learning! Library is tomorrow... make sure to bring in borrowed books so you can get new ones!

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