Saturday, March 26, 2011

French Day c'est Magnifique!

Another fabulous Friday friends! It all started with Olivia's morning meeting packed with the tambourine greeting, "Chicken Lips", and a game of Alibi! We were quickly joined by Mary's Dad, as today was FRENCH DAY in 2W! Marc shared his culture and some history about his school and family and what it was like growing up in France. We learned some useful french words, and how every word has a who knew the desk was a boy and the table was a girl? We listened to one hilarious story in french, and were treated to some sweet, delicious cake for snack, specially made for us by Marc and Mary (while listening to some french music)! You may want to try and make this cake at home with your student, so, by popular demand, we will also post Marc's french pound cake recipe! Mary helped out too, and showed us how writing the date in french is a little different than English with her very cool french calendar. We learned to count to ten, the months of the year, and the alphabet... all in french! Thanks to Marc and Mary for bringing France right into our classroom! French day was a huge success!
Later in the day, we visited the library with Ms. Kidder and checked out some new books and games.
After lunch, we enjoyed another chapter of Matilda, as she continues to endure the cruelty of her bully parents and decides to form a plan to get back (by stuffing Henry's parrot into the chimney????). We'll see what happens on Monday!
We stretched what we learned in math with double digit subtraction with "borrowing", "trading", and/or "regrouping" and worked with triple digit numbers. Concentration is key when practicing this new skill, and remembering to WRITE YOUR BORROWING is absolutely essential. We'll keep practicing this new skill. Knowing your math facts automatically is what makes working with double and triple digit numbers easy. Next week we'll spiral back into some work with time and money, calendar math and soon Emma will lead us in a new unit all about measurement! What a week everyone! Outstanding!

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