Monday, March 28, 2011

Adan and TJ's Meetings and Writing About Time!

Greetings Friends! Adan started our week off with his morning meeting and "Rockin' Robin", roll the hackey sack greeting, and the clothespin game! Nice start to our day Adan! Well done! We then caught up on the buddy test we missed last Friday due to our "in house visit" to Paris, France, courtesy of garcon Marc Lauren and French Day (AWESOME)! After a quick snack, we jumped right back into our new word study principle: Syllables and how words can have one, two, three, or more syllables (but remember, to have a syllable we must ALWAYS have a vowel). More all week on syllables!
In writing workshop we wrote more facts about the Earth, Moon, and Sun, and now, have enough research to begin our "fact books" tomorrow (a very fun and interactive second grade writing project)! While we're talking about writing... we also began a writing project in math as well, using what we know about time to write our very own stories which chronicle an ordinary day in the life of a second grader. This is another fun way to practice what we know about time to the hour, half hour and quarter hour, as well as 5 or more minutes past the hour. TJ also lead us in one fantastic math meeting where we counted "days in school-in money" about 4 or 5 different ways! Well done TJ! We also practiced our skills in double digit subtraction with borrowing, as we want to keep our skills sharp and remember all the steps necessary to get the correct answer ( the "difference"). We ended the day in computers with Ms. Kidder and look forward to P.E. tomorrow (sneakers please). Letters we received from our pen pals in Malawi, Africa are posted outside our door. It's definitely worth taking a closer look to see how much work, heart, and soul went into this global outreach/service project. Again, could NOT possibly be any PROUDER of this group of caring, connected, thoughtful students!

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