Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Writing Workshop! Earth, Moon and Sun!

Greetings! A busy Tuesday, that's for sure! Maya started our day with a great morning meeting followed by word study. Students sorted spelling words according to how many syllables in the word and we also learned how to break apart words with lots of syllables! Next we wrote our Earth Moon Sun Fact books with the research we worked on earlier in the week! We'll finish up our illustrations tomorrow and look forward to sharing our books when they're complete!
TJ had an outstanding math meeting as well, followed by more writing... Our Book About Time! Everyone took a look at their day and wrote about it (both ways, digital and analog).... when we go to school, eat lunch, go home, go to bed, etc. Everyone began illustrating today and will finish these books tomorrow as well. Great day everyone! P.E. tomorrow... sneakers please.

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