Friday, February 11, 2011

Willy Wonka Day! 3 Violets, 3 Verucas, 3 Charlies, 3 Willy Wonkas, and 1 Mike T.V.!!

What a day! TJ started us off with a great morning meeting and we were off and running! We started our day writing riddles about what characters we were representing from Roald Dahl's story Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Thinking about our character and using language to form clues that described our characters was challenging and fun, and lead to a great game of "Guess Who". Next, we played Wonka Bingo by answering challenging questions and creating bingo boards for our game. Everyone's a winner in Wonka Bingo, and got a big KISS from Ms. Worthley to prove it... chocolate Hershey Kiss, that is. We visited our library-media center where Ms. Kidder LOVED our costumes and shared her own love of this wonderful story with second grade! In the afternoon, we got ready for math... Wonka-style, with a chocolate river that ran straight through our math meeting area! That's right, a chocolate river, full of chocolaty goodness, ready for graphing! Each friend received a bag of chocolate from Wonka's chocolate river, and began sorting and counting the chocolaty data! Students completed their chocolate river graphs and were treated to a chocolaty snack as we watched the first part of the movie Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (Gene Wilder version... please!) We ended our busy day in art with Ms. Lee (who, incidentally, supplied us with our soundtrack for today... tunes to the production of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, and we loved it)! What a great day! Nothing better than hearing students say... "Hey, is today over already???"... "I wish there was more left"..."Can tomorrow be Wonka day too?" Indeed, time flies when we're having fun, being challenged in innovative, thoughtful ways, and when creative juices re flowing! Well done second grade! Best Wonka Day ever!

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