Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Friendship Pins, Sharing, and Double Digit Additon!

Greetings everyone! We sure have been busy in second grade! Many friends have lead some eventful morning meetings and our new math meeting helper has started her job this week as well! Celebrating the 100th day of school sure gave us lots to talk about at Monday's math meeting, and Rebecca handled it like a pro! Individual sharing has begun as well this week, and Charlie took a moment to share his rare and special collection of nickels. Charlie's become our resident coin expert and impressed us with a little history along with the collection. Valentines were shared by everyone in 2W, along with a special cheese and cracker snack! Thanks Mackenzie, everyone loved it! We also found ourselves in the "friendship pin" selling business. That's right, 2nd and 4th grade buddies have teamed up to create and market our beautiful little pins in hopes that we can send the proceeds to our Malawi pen pals. Our letters from our Malawi pen pals will arrive very soon, and we can't wait to see what they thought of our letters (that went out in November)! Students have created tons of pins on a couple of our "buddy-sessions" and had meetings about cost, value, publicity, posters, and our 4th grade buddy Ben even made a movie that we've run while selling our pins during lunch! Wow! Pretty inspiring to feel like you're making a contribution toward helping new found friends in Africa. Whatever we make will go a very long way toward helping build schools in Malawi! The feeling we get by being involved in service is priceless! We'll also be selling our pins and spreading the word about our global outreach project at the Polka dance, so come and check us out!
We've also stretched our double digit addition practice to include "carrying", also know as "regrouping" and "trading". Important to know your math facts when you have double digit addition, so keep working with those flash cards! We've also started a new work board in our morning literacy block, and have talked about how to get our work done independently and making "good choices" during work times! Very important! PE tomorrow... sneakers please.

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