Thursday, February 3, 2011

Charlie's Meeting, and Habitat Research!

Greetings Thursday Thinkers! Imagine, we just spent one whole day in school, and it's winter! WOW! It was, indeed a great day, and I think we're all ready to get back into the swing of "back to back" school days! And did you notice we just might have the most beautiful winter wonderland right in our own back yard! Breathtaking!
Today, Charlie started us off with his morning meeting. We sang Sandwiches (aka: chickens), greeted each friend with Sponge Bob, and played the acting out game. Well done Charlie!
Our handwriting theme helped us review our spelling rule: turning singular noun words into plural words! Tricky when so many words have their own special rule... drop the y, add ies... add es... only add s... and all those irregular plurals! Yikes. We also reviewed the new school web site with second grade, and showed friends how to use the web site themselves. Ms. Worthley showed students how to find their 2W page, how to find the blog, and even how to "talk back" on the blog (uniquely designed for "talking back"... completely appropriate)! Give it a try friends!
We browsed some web sites in computers to find some information on our animal habitat research. Students learned how to search for information, and talked about how important it is to remember where our research comes from. We're extremely excited about this project, and will stretch our fact writing skills in a unique way with our final project!
Stay tuned for Willy Wonka Day announcements! We hope to have it next week, and want to make sure all our friends are here to partake in this special day! Stay tuned for "Sweetheart Polka" news, as there's more in-climate weather on the way for Saturday.
See you Friday friends!

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