Monday, February 28, 2011

Outstanding Monday!

If you could make it to school on those ice covered roads.... then you were in for a treat, because second grade had one OUTSTANDING school day! We talked about coming back after the winter break with "ready" brains, and ready we were! We started with our new word study principle... "bully r" and generated quite a vocabulary list! Writing workshop was extremely productive, and friends shared the work they did on their stories in an effort to help show "what good writers do" during writing workshop! We worked on our projects a bit, and will finish our habitat research tomorrow. We'll celebrate our learning by sharing our projects Wednesday!
Today was a P.O.W! day in math, and students showed their thinking with pictures, words, numbers, and the answer! If you love cherry pie (the bigger the better), would your rather eat 1/3 of a pie, or 1/4 of a pie? Hmmmmm. Well done friends, and I wonder how much pie Mr. Merritt ate today (hee hee)?
I haven't included recent pictures as I've maxed out my picasa account (which holds my blog pictures) and am problem solving to remedy that!
Until then, check out the web site, I've added a great clip of one of our students sharing a chocolate river graph! Nice!
P.E. tomorrow, sneakers please!

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