Thursday, April 8, 2010

Second Grade Bulb Garden, and Mrs, Stahalek Celebrates 20 Years of Service!

Greetings Friends! What a beautiful, sunny, wonderful spring day! We couldn't help but notice our second grade bulb garden is also enjoying the warm sunshine! Several students captured our blooming daffodils (on camera, during recess), and graciously allowed me to share their photos on our blog! Thanks Michael, Isasc, and first graders Mary and Peter!
We also honored our wonderful art teacher Mrs, Nancy Stahalek today! Dr, Nash and the Sunderland staff commemorated 20 years of teaching art in our district (an opportunity we missed in September due to cuts in our programming....replaced by generous parent and coorperate donations)! Thanks, Nancy, for understanding that art is an integral part of a "whole" education for every child. Your talent and the spirit behind what you teach is truly appreciated by your colleagues, parents and certainly by every student!

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  1. Thank you Nancy! Art is completely relevant, and a vital part of our educational experience!