Saturday, April 10, 2010

Gabe Runs Morning Meeting and Michael's V.I.P!!

Greetings Everyone! Short week for students, with all these half days... long days for school, with all the conferences. Thanks to all who took the time to come in and talk about your students, our classroom, and all the great progress we've seen since September! For many of you, we have yet to meet, and I look forward to seeing everyone and sharing your students academic progress and social development.
Though Friday was short, we certainly had enough time to finish our latest work board and work on our writing (story maps and summaries). We started Friday with a wonderful Morning Meeting run by Gabe! Not only did he choose the song, greeting, game and morning message, he grabbed the guitar, and literally ran the meeting on his own! Independent, confident, and extremely capable! Well done Gabe!
Michael also shared his V.I.P. Friday! We learned a lot about family vacations, super-powers, likes, dislikes, pets, and favorite foods/games! He finished his presentation by sharing "who he looks up to and why"...his older brother Eric, "because he's smart,nice and plays with me". Well done Michael. Excellent V.I.P!!

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