Tuesday, April 6, 2010

An Awesome Work-Board Morning, and Chelsea Runs the Show!!

Greetings Amigos! Well, we flipped our morning schedule, and it couldn't have been met with more success! Students got "crack-a-lackin" on work board right after meeting, and our brains and bodies responded beautifully! Amazing! We will "FLIP" our schedule again tomorrow morning friends, and see if we can repeat today's great work!
We wrote some great summaries of a wonderful Don and Audrey Wood story called Elbert's Bad Word. Students enjoyed Audrey woods "take" on hearing and foolishly repeating a bad word! Thanks to the local "wizard-gardener" Elbert "cured" himself of this bad word, and learned other strong words instead! Clever, funny, beautifully illustrated, and perfect for practicing our summary writing skills. Some summaries were long, some were shorter, but most included all the important elements of the story!
Chelsea also ran a very efficient math meeting! Well done Chelsea! She started on her own (after quietly complimenting ready, respectful listeners), and pretty much ran the show! Independent, purposeful, polite, and cheerful. Nice job Chelsea!
We ended the day (as the clouds parted, and sunshine yielded some attention worthy outdoor time), with a quick 15 minute extra outdoor recess. Students were pretty indignant that Mother Nature allowed for good weather after our scheduled recess time (..."it's sooooooo unfair"). So, after we shared an unexpected treat of fruit dressed up like a flower arrangement (pretty cool), we hit the playground for some sunshine, vitamin D and a quick outdoor motor break!
Best Tuesday in a long time second graders! Super awesome day indeed!!

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