Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Connecting to Text, and a 9 to 12 split on the Question of the Day (I'll take it!).

Happy Tuesday Friends! Very productive morning! Busy students, great work, and Lital back after a long illness. It was so great to have our student teacher Lital back in the classroom. She treated us to a read-aloud lesson focusing on connectins. Throughout the year, we have often focused on text to text connections (books reminding us of another book we've read), text to self connections (books connecting us to something that has happended to us), or text to world connections (when a book connects us to the world around us)...and with this book, connectins are inevitable. Lital read Alexandar and the Terrible, Horrible No Good Very Bad Day (a classic). Judith Viorst captures the drama felt by a young boy enduring one of those days NO ONE wants to repeat... everything that could go wrong, goes very wrong!! Students shared their thoughts and related their experiences to those of Alexandar. Thanks Lital! Great lesson. Nice having you back!
We also continued our fraction unit in math by reviewing half, thirds, and "equal parts"! We introduced fourths as "four equal parts" of a whole, and worked with one fourth (or one quarter).
Natalie was a great morning meeting helper, great way to start the day! Chelsea also ran a very efficient math meeting! Well done friends. Looking forward to tomorrows challenges, stories, and unexpected surprises!

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