Monday, March 3, 2014

Willy Wonka Day and Lab Reports!!

What happens after a second grade class finishes reading one of the best Roald Dahl full of adventures about a chocolate factory, Oompaloompas, 4 naughty children and one sweet wonderful boy? Why you get Willy Wonka Day... all day... in second grade! And it all started with our chocolate river in math!! Oh, no... not that chocolate river, that's Ms. B.! Along with some other characters posing as teachers.... heh, heh! Our chocolate river was full of all different kinds of chocolate data that we needed to sort, classify, and transfer onto our chocolate river bar graphs. We paid close attention to making our graphs neat, then used the data on the graph to answer some sweet, chocolatey questions!! When math starts in a chocolate river, you know it's going to be interesting! Our next adventure was the quest for our own golden tickets! That journey started with a scavenger hunt full of clues... leading to more clues... leading to yet more clues, which lead us to Nurse Jeannie and our Wonka bars!! Each, completed with a golden ticket for every second grader! Wow!! After that adventure, it was time for Grandpa Joe's math meeting! Well done Grandpa Joe... AKA Ben! Finally, it was time for every character's close up!! First up, all our Charlie Bucket's... the hero in our story! Next up, our one and only Veruca Salt, who I'm glad to say, is NOTHING like our sweet lovely Stephanie! Then it was time for our gum chewing Violets! We also had a number of Mike TVs today... along with Grandpa Joe! Finally, to round out our character profiles, we had the magnificent Mr. Willy Wonka!! And, let's not forget about our orange skinned, green haired friend, the hard working Ommpaloompa! Willy Wonka Day isn't just for kids, the teachers got into character too! Golden tickets, Wonka bars and chocolate rivers round out the group today! Last, this afternoon, it was all about nonfiction writing and new lab reports! Our new question and procedure will begin with catapults! That's right, today our task was to create a question that we would test using the scientific writing process... starting with building our very own catapults! And we're just getting started! More with catapults and "procedure writing" tomorrow! Wonka Day... HUGE success! Well done second grade!!

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