Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Lab Reports and Meetings!!

Greetings Friends! 2W has been a busy place lately! In math we're learning all about time, how to tell time to 5 minutes, and parts of the clock! We also learned what am and pm mean when talking about time too! Kelsey lead a great math meeting and brought us up to and over 100 days in school! Wow! Tenzin also lead a morning meeting with This Land Is Your Land, and the drum greeting! In reading workshop we are stretching our learning about nonfiction and text features and focusing on what the author is trying to teach us! Taking a close look at what the author did, and how it helps us learn, while paying close attention to the "main idea" of nonfiction text... and supporting details! And we are loving it! Soon we'll celebrate our own nonfiction research writing and become the author ourselves! Writing to teach... writing nonfiction like an expert! Exciting! In writing workshop we are also writing nonfiction courtesy of lab reports! Paying attention (like a scientist) to our "question", our "hypothesis", and next, our "procedure", followed by our "results" and ending with writing about our "conclusion" (what we think about what we observed)!! Wow! We've finished 2 lab reports after posing questions and writing about our trials! Next in writing workshop.... catapults!!! Now that sounds exciting!

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