Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Research and Catapults!!

While not many things can top the splendor and whimsy of Willy Wonka Day... today was pretty awesome just the same! We started with math and learned how to add double digit numbers together! We had to play close attention to learn what happens when we write our adding the paper and pencil way, while keeping track of every time we "carry" tens into the tens column! After some practice, we tried some on our own! The quicker and easier you are with your math facts (fluency) the easier it is to learn and remember how to add and subtract numbers when they get bigger! We also celebrated our nonfiction writing unit with our animal research posters! Students read copies of books related to their topic, and became the expert on that animal! By sharing our learning, everyone learned a lot more about many animals, not just the animal they researched! We learned about extinct animals, wild animals, mammals, birds, reptiles, and MORE! After a little practice, each friend brought their poster to the front of the room and shared their learning! We were all quite surprised by many of the "fun facts", and life span of many of our animals! Awesome day friends! More research soon, but next time we will work in friends on a group project! Woohoo! This afternoon was pretty spectacular, and I am not exaggerating!! As we make our way through our catapult experiments, we must also remember to write about our thinking... like a scientist! Much of today was spent testing our catapults and writing details about our procedure! We actually had two procedures to write too! How to build the actual catapult, and then how to launch the ping pong balls and cotton balls! Using detail, labels, bullets and expert words helped the reader understand our process! Thanks to mentor author Robert today, for letting us take a close look at his lab report and inspire great scientific writing! More with catapults tomorrow!!!

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