Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Research and Expanded Number Strategies for Addition!

Howdy Friends! Things sure have been busy in 2W! Stephanie's been our math meeting helper this week, and has guided us through calendar math, days in school, in money, and today's number! Well done Stephanie! In math we've also learned lots of strategies for adding double and triple digit numbers! Our new strategy is to use what we know about expanding numbers! When you expand numbers into hundreds, tens, and ones, you can create a picture of the number in a more concrete way! Using this strategy, we can then add the hundreds, tens, and ones! Eventually, we will be able to do this in our head... mental math! In reading workshop we've taken our nonfiction reading standards, our research writing standards, and combined them into one awesome research project! Using research and collaboration we are building background knowledge and becoming experts on our topics! The research topics came right out of our district science curriculum: Earth, Moon, and Sun!! Soon we'll be ready to share all our learning and "expert words" along with creative illustrations with diagrams, labels, and all kind of nonfiction text features! Very exciting time to be learning in second grade! Well done friends!!

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