Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Dr. Suess, Guest Readers, and Algebraic Equations!!

If you're wondering how 2W's been going... it's been BUSY!!!! Just the way we like it! Friday was Read Across America Day, and we celebrated with some awesome guest readers! Rory, Grant, and Evan, all linebackers and scholars from Amherst College joined us in the morning for some Dr. Seuss fun!! We loved listening to these college boys read some of our favorite Seuss classics! They also shared a little about themselves... what their favorite stories were when they were our age, what it's like to play on a team, and how important reading is in their lives! They also talked about discipline, practice, and hard work... and the rewards that follow!! Each one had a favorite author and a favorite Seuss book as well! Great job and kudos to everyone who made this such a special day! Thing 1 and Thing 2 also made appearances, as did a variety of Seuss inspired characters throughout the day! Thanks to Mrs. Lemeshow and Ms. Kidder for making all the arrangements and coordinating all our guest readers! WE LOVED IT!!! While Seuss stole the show... we've also been working on problem solving and equations! Showing our thinking while solving problems is a very important skill! Knowing how to regroup numbers (composing and decomposing numbers), and turning ones into tens is the foundation for all of our problem solving strategies! We also took a close look at equations and figured out what the missing numbers were. Just like solving a puzzle! In reading workshop we jumped right back into reading groups with some very well deserved fiction and realistic fiction, and we loved it! We practiced writing about our reading (the second grade way) with lots of details and using important linking words, which always make our sentences better and full of important information! Next week... group projects! Reading workshop meets up with Science and second graders working together to research a topic, and report back on their learning! Can't wait!

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