Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Welcome Arayana!!

Greetings! How lucky are we... our old friend Arayana is joining our second grade family (thanks for that great way of saying it, Kalesiah) and we are sooooo happy to have her back! First day back was smooth sailing Arayana! Way to go, and what an amazing way you all greeted her, friendly, comforting, and so helpful! That "golden rule" knows what it's talkin' about!
Kudos to Autumn who sure knows how to run a math meeting! Well done Autumn! That girl looks like a seasoned professional, with all her graphing and place value skills, not to mention knowing how to compliment a good listener! Well done Autumn, looking forward to Thursday and Friday math meetings with you in charge!
And... what can I say... we've been working so hard on our writing and crafting "great beginnings" to really "hook" our readers. Writing practice every day (at least 20 minutes.... just like reading) improves our writing skills.... even if we don't know what to write about. Every kid has a story to tell... finding your voice (honest voice) is the trick to knowing what you want to share in your writing. The work continues...
We also welcome Lital Shahar, from UMass School of Education Program! She's excited about joining our classroom on Tuesdays, and we're equally grateful we can provide a place for her to learn and "grow" her teaching skills! Welcome Lital!
Looking forward to Henry the Juggler tomorrow... Second graders will have a half hour workshop where they might even learn to juggle???? Show time is at 2:00. We'll let you know what we thought about Henry tomorrow...
Get a good night's sleep second graders (you may have heard... the "pewking-bug" is going around, so take heed when you hear complaints of tummy trouble.) Look forward to another supremely awesome day in second grade!! Be well.

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