Monday, February 22, 2010

Welcome Back!!

Another "better than average" Monday in second grade! First of all... Welcome Isaac! A new student has joined the our 2W family and his name is Isaac. He's only been here for the better part of one day, but there's no better place to "land" than our second grade classroom. 2W students were truly welcoming and generous (NO SURPRISE) and did all they could to help our new student feel comfortable and welcome.
Other news... Autumn kicked off our Monday with a stellar morning meeting! Who knew that you could sing two totally different songs (to the same melody) at the same time.... AND SOUND GREAT!! The friendship pin greeting was a creative way to share our left over pins.... Now... time to count our Haiti money!!! Wonder how much we made? Venture any guesses? What a great project!
We worked on our weekend (vacation) journals during a very productive writing workshop. Many writers are working on elements discussed/practiced and are including these ideas in their stories (setting the scene... dialogue...). Great job sharing today Otto and Alex! Every writer was focused and busy writing today! Well done! Best writing workshop in quite a long time! Let's keep up the good work, writers... Eric Carle, Jan Brette, and Leo Lionni are not only great models when it comes to writing, but really helping us learn about what "good writers do" in their writing!
We practiced a bit of double digit addition with regrouping, but mostly focused on our 100th day of school in math! We practiced counting to 100 (by 2's, 3's, 5's, 10's) and talked about the fastest, slowest, and most efficient ways to count! CJ was a great substitute math helper, and we look forward to Maddison's math meeting tomorrow! Get well Maddison, we sure missed you my friend!
Tomorrow.... can't wait! We'll switch "writing" gears and work on summaries with a book about one of my favorite presidents.... do you know who? Surprise me with your guess in the morning! Sleep well friends. Can't wait to start another exciting day full of fun and learning!
FYI... The "cooty-police" is requesting more wipe donations please. If anyone can donate a tube of wipes to our class, we would appreciate it... Thanks!

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