Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Friendship Pins... Helping Haiti!!

Greetings Friends! Sooooo... How was Henry the Juggler?? Awesome! I don't know about you, but my face hurt after 45 minutes of "big-smiling" and "laughing OUT LOUD"!! Lots of participation by SES students (and well done, I might add)!! Also, lots of unexpected surprises throughout the whole show! Even Ms. Antes and Ms. Worthley, and Ms. Palmer got a piece of the action!! Fun for all, to watch, and certainly participate (as many students did beautifully!!). Thank you to the Sunderland PTO for bringing this kind of artistic, creative enrichment into our school! What a treat! Truly appreciated and so worthwhile! What a Blast!
Check out the slide show and see all of Henry the Juggler's stunts and students who bravely joined him in one supremely great show!!
And.. If you haven't heard... Second grade is making some mighty fine friendship pins (selling for 5 cents to fifteen cents in the cafeteria during lunch periods) to earn money for our Help Haiti cause! Students have crafted posters (what's important, what do we need/want to say, slogans...) as well as beading up all those friendship pins (seriously working our "fine-motor-fingers"!). We will begin selling Thursday and Friday, and will forward all the money to the Helping Hands club toward their Haiti Relief Fund. Love it!! Students feeling empowered and contributing in developmentally appropriate, meaningful ways! Well done Second Graders... WELL DONE!!

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