Friday, February 12, 2010

Friendship Pins, Valentines, and Double Digit Addition!!

Another busy week! Second grade has jumped smack-dab into double digit addition... with regrouping/carrying! Practice makes perfect, and practice we did! We will review upon our arrival post-vacation to keep our skills sharp!
We've also taken some time with our Help Haiti Project. Making friendship pins and posters, crafting/writing announcements, and organizing a job plan to sell our product to the public! What a success! There's been much interest, across the grades in our pins, and certainly our cause! Our bottom line... helping Haiti and contributing in a sensitive/global way while using our skills, talent and creativity! Well done second grade! You continue to impress me and our school with your industrious energy and diplomatic action!!
Must also mention we swapped valentines today as well. Some did... some did not... a great snack was enjoyed by all, thanks to Annika for the delicious brownies you so thoughtfully provided today! Friendship is celebrated every day in 2W, so it's no surprise today was a day we had great snacks provided by thoughtful, generous friends! Just the way we like it!
FYI: Next week Johannah has a collection deadline for contributions towards our second grade Red Sox Basket for the PTO fundraiser! Thanks Johannah, and all who are able to generously donate to this worthy cause! Happy Vacation! Enjoy your students, they will be missed... can't wait to hear vacation stories on Monday!

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