Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Lab Reports and Nonfiction!!! Serious Business!

Greetings friends! There is so much going on in 2W this week, so, here we GO!! Many meetings have been conducted with precision and efficiency! Sukhmann has run some very productive math meetings, and Giorgia's morning meeting was great! She certainly didn't need my help, and had the whole kit-and-kaboodle under control! Right down to composing her very own morning message... with survey question... complete with venn diagram! Way to ROCK the morning meeting Giorgia, and thanks to every other second grade participant! Well done! In math we've continued learning about money! Counting money, writing money, coin equivalents, comparing money, and games with money! Words like: worth, value, decimal, dollar sign, amount, order, and of course the names of all the coins, are very important words to know! All our learning about how money works will prepare us for the goal of all this learning... problem solving with money!! More with money next week! In reading workshop we've worked with nonfiction and informational text, paying close attention to text features! Learning how text features can increase our understanding of a subject, and how to use text features to help us with our learning are all important goals in reading workshop. Using anchor charts and organizers help us with our learning and thinking! We're not only learning about a lot of interesting subjects in science, sports, social studies, history, animals, and habitats, but we're also learning what's important about writing nonfiction and why authors include things like text boxes, charts, graphs, maps, and headings in their writing! And, speaking of writing... nonfiction has also taken over writing workshop! Learning how to write lab reports and about the scientific process (and thinking, wondering like a scientist) is what our new unit is all about! Needless to say, we are all very excited about blending science and writing workshop into one learning extravaganza! Can't wait for experiments.... and writing all about it... with lab reports! Very exciting! We also had our winter concert with strings, band, recorders, and our very own chorus today! WOW!! What a treat! How great it is to have INSTRUMENTAL MUSIC back in our school!! Well done musicians! And what a great 2nd grade audience we were too!

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