Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Great Wednesday Friends!! It started with another Riley math meeting, and it was awesome! Way to go Riley! We also had a quick tutorial on double digit addition.... not in depth, but a quick lesson on "starting with the top, and adding the ones column"... much more on adding double digit numbers (with a true, foundational appreciation for place value will happen later). But, nothing bad happens when we learn some quick tricks in computation and adding numbers! We also continued our investigations using informational text (nonfiction) and read more books about animals, weather, the solar system, dinosaurs, snakes, and even cheer leading and soccer!! We stretched our learning about information text into writing workshop, and learned about a new kind of writing! Information writing! We practiced thinking about something, a topic, that we know/care about. Next, we thought about writing about it... informational writing! Organizing informational writing, and using all the writing strategies we've learned is where we're headed in writing workshop.... and it's exciting!!!

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