Tuesday, May 14, 2013


HAIKU! God bless you... thank you! Hey! Poetry in second grade is nothing to sneeze at! Especially when trying our hand at Haiku, a beautiful, rhythmic, Japanese style of poetry! Students wrote Haiku together, and then tried writing our own Haiku poems too! After writing workshop, poets shared some of their own Haiku poems! Everything from seasons, to 2W, to weather, to Doughnut Man? Poetry continues all week as we dabble with different styles, and write from the heart, like poets do! Madelene has hosted great math meetings all week, and Katie and Kirsten held entertaining morning meetings as well! In math students showed off all their learning from our geometry unit! Knowing about 2D and 3D shapes, sides, edges, vertices, angles (corners),quadrilaterals, hexagons, and polygons (just to name a few)... along with an understanding of halves, thirds and fourths... and equal parts! All this is just some of what we learned in geometry, but we sure learned how much we LOVE geometry! 2W also talked about what a special place our classroom is, how important our learning is, and how we only have about 20-something days left together! Getting a good night's rest and coming to school prepared for learning is the best homework a second grade friend could have! Making sure to make the most of every day is what we plan on doing in 2W... right through, until the last day! Sleep well... it will make you smart!

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